Each member of STA are experts in their respective disciplines and offer technology-driven services geared specifically to creating a safer tourism environment to meet the needs of visitors, workers, and residents.



 “Critical for measuring and managing”

Based on expert advice, testing 48 to 72 hours before travel departure and 48 hours after arrival in a destination allows visitors with two negative tests to freely enjoy their vacation interacting in a destination observing the same standard safety protocols as residents. Guests can quarantine for 48-hours in the comfort of their hotel room.



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 “Underpins safe interactions and safety”

Consistently good optics are critical in this Covid-19 environment where guests are actively looking for any evidence that boosts their confidence in feeling safe. It is therefore imperative that frontline staff get daily training on the operational and behavioral aspects of health and safety protocols until a culture change takes place in the workplace. It only takes one incident of protocol breach or poor execution to make the guest feel unsafe and harm the reputation of an establishment.


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 “Technology to tie it together”

Interactive digital technology that engages visitors before, during, and after their visit and provides up to the minute information 24/7 is necessary. Technology that pulls information from various sources such as Health, Immigration, Tourism, and other official sources and seamlessly presents it as needed, in the form required and on a device determined by the user will help tourists feel safer.



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Safer-Tourism Alliance offers the only integrated approach to controlling the spread of COVID19 within tourist destinations or indeed all private sector businesses.


Testing is critical to the overall protection of the visitors, guests, citizens, and employees by isolating positive results. Training provides a daily process that limits the risk of initial negative tests becoming positive and without Tracking the movements of the tourism consumer, the whole exercise becomes pointless.


It is here…… A completely integrated and practical COVID19 protection process…and it is ready for deployment.