Reimagining the $9 trillion tourism economy—what will it take?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

As national borders consider reopening, a partnership between governments and the tourism industry will be essential.

Excellent article by McKinsey & Company on “Reimagining the $9 trillion tourism economy – what will it take.” We especially like this article because the actions it recommends are exactly what SRGT's BlenderConnect technology offers:

1. To put in place an active framework for tourism with government to work together to better

implement and manage both destination marketing, a tourism activity, and destination and

health rules and regulations, a government activity

2. The ability to collect and distribute data in real time to support more informed funding and

financing decisions

3. Enabling a one-to-one communications channel and network around constantly changing

situations, rules, regulations and protocols between the government, the private sector,

citizens, and tourists

4. Creating a mechanism for digital and analytical transformation to meet the real-world needs of people and businesses – that ensures the right information is collected and then gets to the right person at the right time

We agree with McKinsey that these are the actions needed for the tourism industry and destinations to

recover and rebound – not only from the current pandemic, but also from any and all future disruptions – be they global, regional or local.

Read full article here:

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